Intelligent replication instead of backing up.

At a glance

While Enterprise Vault could utilize Microsoft and Symantec/Veritas clustering technologies for the fail-over of a server, the biggest loophole for many installations is the need to keep a reliable copy of all archived data in a secondary disaster recovery location.  This is what EVnearSync from QUADROtech is designed to deliver. It manages the whole process of creating a reliable second copy of each archived item, eliminating the need for Enterprise Vault Archiving Storage backups while simplifying the continuity procedures: Customers are able to connect to the secondary copy in seconds, instead of restoring backups for hours.

Key Features

  • Replicate Vault Store Partitions
  • Replicate Index Volumes
  • Replicate Microsoft SQL Database dumps
  • Replicates any LUN or UNC Path to any LUN or UNC Path
  • Live Statistics
  • Provides a backup free scenario if you replicate to a secondary data-centre
  • Assures the consistency of your data with MD5 or SHA256 hashes
  • Integrates fully transparent with Enterprise Vault
  • Built In fail-over procedure (Automatic or Manual)
  • Initial replication for closed and open Vault Store Partitions
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email Alerting for Enterprise Vault and Replication
  • Recovery Point Objective (maximum allowed Data Loss) is Zero!
  • Recovery Time Objective (Time to restore after disaster) is some seconds

As a Symantec Partner QUADROtech provides a published Enterprise Vault Extensions solution.  EVnearSync makes use of the APIs in Enterprise Vault 11 to ensure a seamless experience for the migration and management of Enterprise Vault.