ns EVnearSync™

Protect critical Enterprise Vault data for less

Losing access to your Enterprise Vault (EV) system can be highly detrimental to ongoing business operations. EVnearSync can protect your critical EV data without the cost or complexity of highly available (HA) storage solutions.

HA solutions can certainly keep your EV servers humming along, but storage protection in an HA environment can be difficult, complicated and expensive. By contrast, the EVnearSync Enterprise Vault replication tool solves the problem, using your choice of UNC addressable storage.

Fast recovery

EV is able to use Microsoft and Veritas clustering technologies to address failover of a server, but the biggest drawback of this approach is the need to keep a reliable copy of all archived data in a secondary disaster recovery location, and then to be able to recover that data.

EVnearSync from QUADROtech overcomes this problem. As an EV replication tool, it manages the process of creating a reliable second copy of each archived item, eliminating the need for Enterprise Vault archiving storage backups and simplifying the continuity and recovery process. Users are able to connect to the secondary copy in seconds, instead of waiting hours for backups to be restored.

Key Features

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO: maximum allowed data loss): zero
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO: time to restore after disaster): seconds
  • Provides a backup free scenario (if replicated to secondary datacenter)
  • Integrates transparently with EV
  • Replicate Vault Store partitions (CIFS)
  • Replicate index volumes
  • Replicate Microsoft SQL Database dumps
  • Replicate any LUN or UNC Path to any LUN or UNC Path
  • Live statistics
  • Assures consistency of your data with MD5 or SHA256 hashes
  • Built-in failover procedure (automatic or manual)
  • Initial replication for closed and open Vault Store partitions
  • Advanced reporting
  • Email alerting

As a Symantec STEP partner, QUADROtech provides a recognized, published EV replication tool. EVnearSync makes use of the APIs in EV to ensure a seamless experience for the migration and management of EV. See also EVStorageMigrator.


I have a SAN mirrored to my 2nd data centre. Why should I use EVNearSync?
Even if you mirror your LUNs with storage mechanisms to a 2nd data center, you still have the need to backup your data. With EVNearSync the need for backups is extremely reduced, often to the point where you only create monthly or quarterly backups.

What is the difference between Mirroring and Replication and why is my backup freed up if I use EVnearSync?
Typically Storage Mirroring works block‐based. This is ideal if you have to provide realtime failover mechanisms for file systems or databases (e.g. Exchange). But if the file system in your 1st data center gets corrupt, this will be mirrored to the 2nd data centre as well. So you still need to backup your data. EVNearSync replication works on a “peritem” level – object based. As it keeps the individual filesystems logically separate, no file system corruptions will be replicated. In addition EVNearSync integrates with Enterprise Vault‘s „Safety copy“ mechanism: The original data on the Mail‐, File‐ or SharePoint Server you archive from will only be deleted once the replication has successfully completed. One more reason you don‘t need a daily backup any more.

Do I still have to backup the Enterprise Vault Index?
Not necessarily. If you want to replicate the Index, you can add a “Custom Path Replication” in EVNearSync and define a recurring schedule (i.e. every 8h). Only the modified data will be replicated.

How can I replicate the EnterpriseVault SQL Databases?
Create a maintenance job in Microsoft SQL which dumps your Enterprise Vault databases into a backup file. Then create a „Custom Path Replication“ in EVNearSync to copy those files to your DR location as well.

I have more than one EnterpriseVault server. How could I integrate EVNearSync?
EVNearSync can handle multiple Enterprise Vault servers and of course different Vault Stores. You can install EVNearSync on any Vault Server so EV „pushes“ the data to the secondary location. Alternatively you can install EVNearSync on any server in the target location. The archived data will then be “pulled”.

I have to archive a lot of data every night. What is the performance of EVNearSync?
Of course replication performance depends on many factors like network bandwidth and latency, disk performance and server load. Typically we can replicate more than 25’000 items per hour per Enterprise Vault server.