ns EVnearSync™

Protect your critical Enterprise Vault data without the cost or complexity of highly available storage solutions. Various high availability solutions can be used to keep your Enterprise Vault servers humming along, but storage protection can be a difficult, complicated and an expensive proposition. EVnearSync is an enterprise vault replication tool, which solves the problem using your choice of UNC addressable storage.

At a glance

While Enterprise Vault could utilize Microsoft and Symantec/Veritas clustering technologies for the fail-over of a server, the biggest loophole for many installations is the need to keep a reliable copy of all archived data in a secondary disaster recovery location. This is what EVnearSync from QUADROtech is designed to deliver. As an enterprise vault replication tool, it manages the whole process of creating a reliable second copy of each archived item, eliminating the need for Enterprise Vault Archiving Storage backups while simplifying the continuity procedures: Customers are able to connect to the secondary copy in seconds, instead of restoring backups for hours.


Key Features

  • Replicate of Vault Store Partitions
  • Replicate Index Volumes
  • Replicate Microsoft SQL Database dumps
  • Replicates any LUN or UNC Path to any LUN or UNC Path
  • Live Statistics
  • Provides a backup free scenario if you replicate to a secondary data-centre
  • Assures the consistency of your data with MD5 or SHA256 hashes
  • Integrates fully transparent with Enterprise Vault
  • Built In fail-over procedure (Automatic or Manual)
  • Initial replication for closed and open Vault Store Partitions
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Email Alerting for Enterprise Vault and Replication
  • Recovery Point Objective (maximum allowed Data Loss) is Zero!
  • Recovery Time Objective (Time to restore after disaster) is some seconds

As a Symantec Partner QUADROtech provides a published Enterprise Vault Replication tool.  EVnearSync makes use of the APIs in Enterprise Vault 11 to ensure a seamless experience for the migration and management of Enterprise Vault.