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Since we entered the market, our vision has been to make migration simple. We’re thankful to have experienced staff, working alongside a network of leading partners, who help us to continually redefine the perception of just how simple a migration project can be. These partners have allowed us to accelerate customer success levels and take on projects from SMEs, to enterprise environments with archives of 280TB. By expanding this model further, we have every intention of delivering on this vision into the future with multiple happy customers and a growing number of experienced partners.

Together with our framework for PST, archive and live mailbox migration, we can offer a managed migration service to better address the varying levels of project size and complexity faced in different customer environments. ArchiveShuttle, our flagship product, has received Gold certification by MigrationForensics for industry-leading levels of speed and safety. Our cloud service also serves to reduce or eliminate the traditional hardware & software requirements that come with alternative approaches to save resources for customers and partners alike.


Our cloud service allows for rapid deployment with limited hardware & software resources needed from the customer. With the extensive pre-configuration and pre-requisites we supply, projects can start and complete faster, without the high level of complexity involved with other approaches. The Advanced Ingestion Protocol also boosts total project speed and helps preserve the integrity of items far better than traditional EWS or MAPI methods.

These technological features serve to provide a faster ROI for both customers and partners by addressing the factors that tend to increase project length and complexity as well as better-deliver on the growing need for fully compliant and safe migration practices.


QUADROtech is proud to offer a
 tiered ‘Managed Migration’ service to empower companies of all sizes with fast and affordable cloud (or OnPremise) migration projects.

Our migration experts handle the entire process including training, planning, configuration, daily checks, required reports and finalization. Chain of Custody is preserved at every stage of the migration with full audit logs provided. This means you save time and resources, while your customers enjoy both a disruption free and more cost-effective migration project.


We have successfully completed over 250 projects – covering mail archives, PSTs, and public folders at various levels of size and complexity. Together with our partners, we’ve already achieved a record archive migration of 280TB!

Our framework is industry-tested, independently certified, and above all proven to provide one of the most robust migration experiences available, capable of tackling various levels of size and complexity in different environments.

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