Public Folder Exporter

Consolidate your Microsoft Exchange Public Folder archived and non-archived data.

At a glance

Many organisations deploy Public Folder archiving but do not plan well for it, and sometimes don’t fully understand the physical locations (and copies of) the data that they are targeting.  This leads to fragments of data being targeted on different Exchange Servers across the organisation.  Enterprise Vault doesn’t have any built-in tools which can help you consolidate or better administer this sort of situation.  QUADROtech’s Public Folder Exporter provides a sleek, fast and intuitive interface to manage many operations with public folders.   Folders can be targeted for export to flat file, ready for consolidation, and they can be targeted to restore all Enterprise Vault data back to the Exchange Public Folder.  All this is multi-threaded and schedule-able and the PF Exporter is able to process archived and non-archived files with ease.  It can even do these on different schedules.

Key Features

  • Export non-archived and archived data
  • Able to specify multiple source folders
  • Intuitive GUI showing status and progress of the export
  • Separate schedules for archived and non-archived items
  • Can be run from an administrative workstation
  • Provides an easy, intuitive way to export all archived data back to the original Public Folder
  • Corruption detection mechanism even for files which the EV API say extract successfully