Archiving Agent for Exchange Personal Archives

Consolidate your Exchange 2010 Personal Archives into Enterprise Vault archives.

At a glance

Many organisations have moved to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and used the new Personal Archive features for end-users to archive data.  The problem with this is that it’s yet another archive to manage and causes problems like the age-old issue of PST proliferation.  Searching across mailboxes, Personal Archives, and Enterprise Vault becomes a pain point for end-users and for eDiscovery experts.

QUADROtechs Archiving Agent for Exchange Personal Archives helps with this.  It provides a simple interface to configure policies, provision users and copy or migrate data from Exchange 2010 Personal Archives to Enterprise Vault.  The data can be added to a users’ existing Enterprise Vault archive or a new archive can be created.

Key Features

  • Copy or migrate data from Exchange Personal Archive to Enterprise Vault archive
  • Able to create multiple policies
  • Able to create multiple provisioning groups
  • Runs at specific times of the day, to lessen the load on the environment.
  • Simple interface which is integrated in to the Enterprise Vault Admin Console
  • Collects statistics of number and size of items processed and number of Personal Archives touched.

As a Symantec Partner QUADROtech provides a published Enterprise Vault Extensions solution. The Archiving Agent for Exchange Personal Archives makes use of the APIs in Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 to ensure a seamless experience for the migration and management of Enterprise Vault.